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Recreation Ministry

The Recreation Ministry is a center of activity where we show the love of Christ through Christian fellowship as we reach out to all ages boy_basketball_medium.jpg (434x290)px by offering quality recreation programs that meet the needs of Garner Methodist and the community.

The Recreational Ministries Garner United Methodist Church include a wide variety of activities for children, students, and adults – from organized team sports such as basketball, softball, and volleyball. Whatever the activity might be, each is designed to achieve four primary objectives:  witness, service, fellowship, and personal growth.

The programs offered through the Christian Learning Center provide a positive example of Christianity in action to the entire community.  An individual will find many ways to serve through recreation ministries:  as a coach, a team parent, or as a referee. The fellowship enjoyed through the recreational programs helps to build and strengthen interpersonal relationships. Participants in these programs will learn skills which will affect them mentally, socially, and morally in the future.