Hand in Hand:
Garner United Methodist Church & Creech Road Elementary

Choose one or more of the following ways you can be involved as we partner with Creech Road Elementary to support students & staff

  • Be a reading partner or tutor with a child
  • Be a prayer partner for a staff member
  • Respond to needs for children when publicized
  • Volunteer to assist with meals and other upcoming events for staff

“Hand in Hand” Background:  For 10+ years, numerous United Methodist Churches in our area have been involved in partnerships with local schools through “Hand in Hand”.  The goal of “Hand in Hand” is to equip churches to partner with local schools. By reaching out to staff and students in need of support, congregations build life-changing relationships. By reading with a student each week, praying for and encouraging a teacher, or running an after-school program, church members make a difference in the lives of young people in their community.

The following lists the kinds of things churches actually do through this program:

  • Prayer for the school, the staff, and the children.
  • Recognize and support the school staff with meals or events throughout the year.
  • Congregation members volunteer one hour a week to mentor children by reading, being a lunch buddies or through other avenues.
  • Assure the holistic needs of the children are cared for. This may include coats, shoes, dental appointments or other needs of the children or youth within the school.
  • Initiate after school programming that serves children in need.

Creech Road Elementary Background:  The school is one of four Wake County schools identified that could  benefit from additional resources  and has been designated a Renaissance School,  thus receiving grant monies for technology and additional teaching staff.  The “free and reduced lunch” population at Creech Road is over 75% and, because many parents work one or two jobs, they are limited in being able to volunteer during the school day or to be involved in PTA and other parent activities.  Because of that and the fact that funding is limited to student programs,  there is a need for additional recognition for staff.

Hand in Hand for Garner UMC and Creech Road Elementary: During a recent meeting of Creech’s principal and counselor with church staff and missions representatives, there was discussion about how our congregation can support school staff and students.
The initial areas identified are:

1.    Show recognition and appreciation of staff with meals and other events.

  • Staff breakfast on teacher work day- October 31at 8:15am
  • Christmas reception for staff at Rand-Bryan House – December 14th at 4:30PM
  • Dinner for staff – February
  • Teacher Appreciation week – May
  • Picnic for school year kick-off – August

2.    Prayer for school staff

  • Staff members will be offered the opportunity to have a prayer partner from our congregation who will pray for the staff person by name

3.    Tutoring – 2 existing programs will be offered for students identified by their teachers as needing tutoring

  • SCOR (Schools and Community Organized to Read), a reading partner program that pairs adult volunteers with 2nd graders to read. Sponsored by Garner Educational Foundation.
  • Backpack Tutoring, a one-on-one tutoring program for any age and subject coordinated by Carlene Lucas

4.    Miscellaneous support to students whose specific needs are identified by school staff

  • From time to time, we may be asked to help children in need of clothing, shoes, etc.
  • At Christmas, we will include children from the school on our “Angel Tree” (referred through school counselor or social worker)

For more information about how you can get involved, contact the church office at 919.772.2042.